5 Proven Web Design Strategies That Impact Customer Experience

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They Can undoubtedly ignore your website along the lines of poor site design, crowded text, distracting and busy backgrounds that make the text difficult to read, unclear navigation or using a cluttered home page that doesn’t fit within a normal browser window. There are a number of reasons customers can bounce back affecting your bottom line horribly.

Your site’s aesthetics, usability, navigability and responsiveness is part and parcel of your own brand.

To Combat this showdown, here goes a distilled article that will explain you the five significant web design aspects that can turn your customers back to you and increase their expertise a notch higher.

1. Display and Materialization- Your unstoppable hustle for driving traffic will require you nowhere if your site appearance is not cozy and appealing.

Contemporary website trends must possess:

• Parallax Scrolling

• Striking and magnificent “Hero” images

2. Professionalism- And where do you suppose all of the customer labels find the house? It lies in the center of your organization’s formation, staff, testimonials, customer satisfaction and cultural setting many times.

These four trust-building values, if included, can enable you to delve into the noisy marketplace.

• Testimonials- Measure your work at all.

• Staff Pictures- Worker happiness goes a long way in strengthening professionalism.

• A civilization page- A cultural page turns out to be a value in incorporating values.

• Ambiance- Putting the images of work environment is just another element your web design can provide.

3. Your website should be as lucid as possible. The people should be able to find quickly what they need.

• Breadcrumbs

• Hamburger Menu

• Footer Navigation

4. Page Loading Time- Load time plays a massive role in clients’ arrival on a web site. A wait for 3 seconds and the client will abandon your site and jump into your competitor’s website. Following, the web site must load in a blink of an eye.

So, how do you decrease the loading time of your website? Here’s the Pro Tip:

• Optimize image sizes and CSS Shipping

• Minimize HTTP requests

• Reduce server response time

• Enable Compression

• Minify Resources

• Reduce the Amount of plug-ins you use on your Website

• Reduce redirects.


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