8 Tips for Moving a Piano


When it Comes to moving, there are lots of elements one must take under account. In the end, it can be a trying process, only exasperated by determining the best way to move not only those tiny decorative or heirloom pieces, but those big furniture items like dining room tables, dressers, refrigerators and pianos yamaha P115.

Actually, Of all of the household items one might have to relocate, piano moving is one of those dangerous and difficult ones a homeowner can face. As such, it’s the reason most elect to hire professional piano movers to take care of the job for them. However, if you’re arranging a move and feel the need to attempt and move a piano in your, then there are lots of actions you will need to bear in mind, before finding yourself frustrated and wanting you had called in an expert.

1. say. Even if you don’t opt to hire a pro, you can find out a whole lot from the about the procedure.

2. help you. Pianos can be cumbersome in addition to heavy.

3. Move the other furniture out of the way of the transfer space, and plot out the course by your pianos current place, to the door, as well as the moving truck.

4. Make certain to lock the lid!

5. Know your piano’s dimensions so that you know how much space to take.

6. Slide the piano throughout the ground, with people on all sides of the instrument. Roll the back wheel so the weight is on both the dolly and the piano wheels.

7. Pack the piano so that it can rest against the back of the moving truck, thus getting better support.

8. When the piano is in its new location, plan on getting it tuned!

Moving A piano is really a job best left to the experienced. To work with a staff that understands what to do. Speak with a local moving recommend. You will be glad you did – particularly when you sit down to play!

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