Monk Strap Shoes: Everything You Must Know about Monk Shoes


Monk shoes are something like slip on shoes which are easy to wear and easy to remove (but not as easy as an actual slip on shoes). Monk shoes are the lace-less shoes and there are straps and buckle to close the shoes. Due to straps, these shoes are also called as Monk Strap Shoes. In nature, monk strap shoes are formal dress shoes for men. These shoes are not as formal as the typical oxford shoes which are the best men’s dress shoes. Monk strap shoes are better than the derby shoes which are less formal than monk straps.

Types of Monk Strap Shoes:

There are two simple types of monk strap shoes and these two types are not based on anything else but the number of straps. These two types are called single monk and a double monk or these two types are also called single monk strap and double monk strap shoes. There might be some more like if a monk shoe has 3 straps it will be called triple monk strap shoe but the trend of more than two straps is not in fashion and you will find very few manufacturers who are designing monk strap shoes having more than two straps.

Styles & Position of Buckle on Monk Strap Shoes:

There are different styles of buckle comes with the monk strap shoes. Some buckle shoes (Monk strap shoes are also called buckle shoes) come with center cut straps in which both the straps are in the same direction and fasten with the buckle which is very near to each other. It looks like that a single piece wider strap has been cut into two pieces from the end.

Double monk strap with narrower spacing and almost parallel straps

Some buckle shoes having two straps comes in a different direction. One strap is upward while the other strap is slightly down and away from the 1st strap.

Double Monk Straps in dark brown with patina navy chinos and burgundy and beige striped socks

Material of Monk Strap Shoes:

Whether it is single strap shoes or it is double monk strap shoes, leather is the best material for these strap shoes. Because these shoes are meant to be the best men’s dress shoes for office use or for a business meeting, so leather is best-suited material and can be used with or without the socks. It depends on the wearer how he feels comfortable with monk strap shoes.

Final Words:

There is no doubt that buckle shoes or monk strap shoes are the gentleman’s choice and can be used as men’s dress shoes for any occasion. Let us know what do you like? A single strap monk or a double monk strap shoes?

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