All You Should Know About The Men’s Dress Shoes

types of shoes

Shoe selection is not an easy job especially when you are a professional or when you are going to start your professional life. As an individual, you can wear any type of shoes with any dress, no matter where you are and what you are. But as a professional, you can’t do this, you have to select the right pair of shoes for your dress according to your looks and according to the situation.

You can’t wear joggers or sandals while you are at an official meeting and you can’t wear oxfords while you are with your friends for hiking. Selecting the right type of shoes for the right place is very tricky. So you should know what are the different types of dress shoes are there and what shoes you have to select for a particular place.

Below is a list of different types of shoes:



Derbies is a beautiful design of shoes which comes in different colors but the brown color in the derby is very famous among people. Derby is an open lace type of shoe which means it has an open facing at the bottom. The basic design of derby is just like an oxford but you shouldn’t mix it with that as it has a single piece of leather at the toe. If you are going for an outing wearing jeans and a jacket as well, then derby should be your best choice of shoes.


oxford men shoes

Oxfords are the formal lace shoes which have a vamp and the facing is sewn under the vamp. This is a low heel shoe which can be the best and perhaps the only choice if you are wearing a three-piece dress and going to attend an official meeting from your office or you have to make a deal with your business partner. The black color is famous for oxford shoes. With little iteration, wingtip Oxfords could also be a good choice.

Monk Strap:


Monk strap looks like an oxford and somehow a derby as well with a difference of straps instead of laces. There are two types of a monk, single strap, and the double strap. Chocolate brown color gives a different and gorgeous look if you wear a monk strap while a double strap shoe provides a feeling of military type shoes. Because of no laces, many people prefer monk straps over derbies.



While you have to wear casual shoes with socks and you don’t like to tie your laces or straps, then loafer should be your only choice which you can easily wear with any dress whether it is jeans or a two piece suite. Brown and black color loafer are equally good but brown color is more in fashion.

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