Apple supposedly plans to change from lightning to USB-C


The Wall Street Journal raises the question of whether Apple, with the next generation of iphone, will also push the lightning connection onto the siding. Under the heading “Apple’s next iphone will have a curved screen”, the main part of the article revolves around the repeatedly rumored kitchen fluttering alleged plans to publish this year an iphone with curved OLED screen. The paragraph that has the connection question on the subject is then also almost under: According to “people familiar with Apple’s plans”, the manufacturer will replace the Lightning connection with a USB-C connector.

According to the report, Apple wants to use the USB C port “instead of the Lightning port” for both power supply and peripheral connection. This can also be ruled out that there may be an additional connection or just a charger with a USB-C socket. But an end to the lightning connection would be far too early for our feeling. Apple introduced the interface not even five years ago, before that the old 30-pin connector had to fulfill its duty for more than ten years.

In view of Apple’s current product portfolio, however, such a change seems almost compelling. The Macs will be all equipped with USB TYPE C for short or long, and a uniform interface and uniform power supplies also provide the user with several advantages at the end. Let’s wait and see if this is right for his good contacts in the Apple Central Wall Street Journal.

In view of the OLED screen, the Wall Street Journal does not write anything fundamentally new. As has been speculating several times, Apple will introduce three new iphone models this year, two with a traditional LCD screen and a premium model with OLED technology.

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