Cabbage Soup Diet – A New Look and Weekly Menu

Soup Diet

Cabbage Soup may be utilised in a very simple diet that could allow you to loose between 3 and 7kg (6 – 15 pounds) in one week! Cabbage soup assists your body to burn off fat and therefore the longer you eat the more weight you loose. This diet is also great for detoxifying your liver and body and provides you with a sense of well-being. The cabbage soup diet plan ought to be followed just alongside a nicely chosen menu of different foods, chosen both to supply another crucial nutrients that you want, and also to maintain the body’s muscle mass and protein consumption whilst dissolving fats. Eating fruit is an significant part the Cabbage dieta da sopa since it is going to cause you to feel complete and your stomach fulfilled. In more detail, a few of the advantages of cabbage soup comprise:

  • Stimulates reducing by controlling the metabolism of fats and sugar.
  • Full of fibre, vitamins and minerals
  • Rich is vitamins A, Beta Carotene & C – All significant antioxidant minerals necessary for good health
    nourishment from Onions and Celery – Crucial for healthy and Gorgeous lips and skin
  • Niacin from berries – A important B vitamin that helps ‘switch off’ sugar cravings

However, as we mentioned previously, cabbage soup shouldn’t Be your sole source of food since it doesn’t contain all of the nutrition you need in itself. We therefore advise one to adhere to the menus and information presented below. In addition, we advise you to not utilize the diet for over seven days at one time and to wait at least two weeks before applying this powerful diet.

6 large onions

2 peppers (yellow, green or red)

5 carrots

Seasoning: pepper, salt and curry powder (optional) to taste.


Cut The veggies into small pieces, put in a bowl, season and cover with water. Boil until the veggies are tender.You can also liquidise the soup slightly. Don’t add any fat, grease or oil into the cooking procedure!

For Each one of those times 3 foods, a bowl of cabbage soup has been consumed. For the fruit part of the foods it’s ideal to avoid very sweet ripe bananas or other really sweet fruits like berries. Tea and coffee are permitted provided that they’re unsweetened.

You ought to eat till you’re full. Do not leave the table feeling hungry!

On Every day that the cabbage soup Ought to Be consumed at every meal time, along with these:

Day 1 – All veggies are permitted except bananas and melons. No sweetened juices or drinks.

Day two – All veggies are permitted except legumes and legumes. No fruit is permitted on this afternoon.
– Fruit and vegetables are permitted as you enjoy – consume them till fulfilled. Following this next day you need to have dropped as many as two kilos in case you’ve followed the diet strictly.

Day 4 – Simply bananas and skimmed milk is allowed.

Day 5 – 150 g of beef and 3-5 berries could be eaten

Day 6 – 150 g of beef or roast chicken (completely without skin)

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