Cartooning: Its Unique Characteristics and Uses


Cartoons Most cartoons combine drawings and words to communicate their messages while others state their message via the drawings only. The artist that specializes in the creation of animations is referred to as a cartoonist.

Cartoonists usually utilize few details of a certain Personality that helps us to easily identify him while exaggerating the other characteristics of the identical character like the head, hands or feet merely to create humour. Symbols can also be used as shortcuts by cartoonists to assist them narrate their tales. Read more details about Jasa WPAP.

Each distinct scene of a cartoon is known as a Panel. The Printed text which communicates and explains the activity of a cartoon character usually within an enclosed area is termed as Balloon.

There are numerous characteristics that can easily help a person to determine cartoon drawings. Some of them includes:

1. Human or animal figures called ‘personalities’ are depicted in animation drawings.

2. Few details of these characters are shown in animation drawings.

3. Cartoon drawings aren’t realistic but representational.

4.Cartoon drawings are funny, satirical and striking.

These roles are largely educational and social.

1. Cartoons are used for creating illustrations in books, magazines, newspapers and other periodicals to educate the general public on important issues of the nation.

2. They’re used for advertisement of services and products.

3. They’re employed in describing difficult subjects or subjects in textbooks.

4. Cartoons are used as completed drawings for books.

5. Painters in the region of Fine arts use animations as sketches for paintings.

6. They serve as a kind of entertainment for both kids and adults especially when they’re used for animations.

8. They’re utilized to alleviate boredom in readers of narrative books, papers, and magazines.

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