Real Estate News – The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty

Real estate news

As most People anticipated, the Federal Reserve did cut interest rates in September, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate that mortgage rates are going down, too, because both rates are not inextricably tied together. This was made evident back in 2003, when the Fed adjusted rates thirteen times in a six-month interval–eight times down and five times up–with no noticeable impact on mortgage rates.

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How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Architect


If You’re searching for an architect you have likely read the 20 items to request an architekti zilina article released by the AIA by now. Even though this is a great list, it will not address most of the problems which have to be considered now. Many companies have yet to make the substantial investment required to be in the forefront of the business. It’s also a profession that balances science and art, and requires great communication and business skills. While it’s Hard to assess if a Specific builder will meet your needs, below are eight ways to assist:

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