Preparing Perfect Espresso Coffee With the Nespresso C100 Automatic Espresso Machine

Nespresso Espresso Machine

Lately We seen my brother-in-law and tried out his new Nespresso machine using one serve coffee capsules. We were super impressed with not only the java but also with the way the best coffee and espresso maker is really handy and simple to use. That is why we chose to perform an overview of this one.

The Nespresso C100 is Very Easy to use – everything That Should be Check that there is enough water from the tank, set a cup right beneath the spout and also make your choice of either espresso or regular coffee with a press on a button. Voila – you get a perfect cup of java! The toughest part is deciding which flavor that you need to have.

If you are searching for a cup of latte or Cappuccino, you merely must produce an extra step with the milk frother to either froth or warm the milk for under a moment or so. You will find number indicators inside so that you understand the quantity of milk you need to use when you discover the java cup size that you prefer best.

ThermoBlock heating system to guarantee water is heated into the perfect extraction temperature.
19-bar bump exerts high pressure for ideal hydration of the body and coffee odor to get a smooth crema.
Button choice for the quantity of coffee you would like on your own cup – 40 ml for espresso or 110 ml for extended.
Employed capsules automatically ejects to a container that holds 14 capsules and is not difficult to eliminate.
It merely uses capsules and Nespresso includes a selection of premium coffee blends, such as decaffeinated. A variety of 12 capsules is contained with the machine so it is possible to determine which ones you like best for reorders.
It’s compact with a slick and contemporary ceramic or black design.
The Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother is comprised with the espresso maker.

It’s cordless using a automated shut-off.
Froths a max of 4 1/2 oz of milk or heat around 8 1/2 oz of exactly the same, with number indexes from the jug.
Readily froths milk at under a moment.
I Have to acknowledge that lattes are my favorite for awhile but after experimenting with all the various, easy-to-prepare nespresso capsules, espresso is now my new favourite.

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