Real Estate News – The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty

Real estate news

As most People anticipated, the Federal Reserve did cut interest rates in September, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate that mortgage rates are going down, too, because both rates are not inextricably tied together. This was made evident back in 2003, when the Fed adjusted rates thirteen times in a six-month interval–eight times down and five times up–with no noticeable impact on mortgage rates.

However, since Consumers do not generally understand that, they tend to become suspicious of creditors when mortgage rates do not go down following a Fed rate cut. The simple reality is that mortgage rates drop and rise based on how investors feel about long-term inflation.

According As of mid-September, the speed has dropped to 6.32%. It turns out that those numbers just mirror the half-point decrease the Fed simply put into place, but it is still only a coincidence, because interest rates are actually reacting to America’s natural market forces. When the Fed cuts rates, it is actually responding to declining consumer interest levels within the market, rather than the other way round, as most people think.

The Fed rate also will not do anything concrete to Block the collapse of home prices in many regions of the nation.
During the current downturn are homeowners who got in their homes with little down and took out an adjustable rate mortgage. That means their obligations have gone considerably higher, but they can not refinance their houses to make their payments more manageable.

However, the Real estate news is not all bad. First-time buyers are finding themselves in a position to purchase their first homes. That amount includes individuals who have been leasing while They have been waiting for such a price correction in the real estate market. For them, the coming weeks may actually be the best time in Years for them to eventually have the ability to escape the lease cycle and into Homes of their own, which they can create pretty! Read more about اخبار املاک.

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