Hosted VoIP PBX Business Phone System

PBX Phone Systems

With the hosted VoIP PBX business phone system, small and midsize company establishments and individual entrepreneurs may easily maintain constant communication with customers and business associates. The features of this phone system provide the company with a significant business image.

Experience Complex Communication Functions

By implementing a hosted VoIP PBX system, small companies can enjoy all the functionalities of traditional mobile systems and components of VoIP technologies. Applying this phone system, data and voice communications can be done via a single network without buying or installing additional hardware and software. In any case, long distance calls can be made at affordable charges, significantly lowering your communication costs.

Callers to your business office are greeted with messages that are programmed by the built-in digital receptionist. To enable call redirection, callers are given options like dial-by-name, dial-by-extension, zero out to live operator and much more. It handles several calls coming together and performs instant call transfer without transmitting conventional busy signals.

The highly advanced call forwarding centre of the hosted VoIP PBX system helps your company office to stay connected with your workforce, customers and company branches round-the-clock with a single phone number. Calls arriving in the official numbers are forwarded to alternative preset extensions, including property phones and cellular phones. If you can’t take the calls, they’re moved to the voicemail system. These voicemail messages can also be moved to your email account to ensure immediate business decisions could be taken when you’re in transit.

To benefit from the collection of characteristics of the hosted VoIP PBX business phone system at reasonable monthly charges, so in for the support given by established Yeastar PBX System.

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