Turn You Android Phone Into an Aldiko eBook Reader

Aldiko eBook Reader

To get the app for free, just go to the Android Market from your phone and search for “ebook reader” or better still – “Aldiko”. Just download and install the app and you are ready to go! The Aldiko EBook Reader comes with two free eBooks which I admit wouldn’t interest many, but there are a vast variety of best ebook reader app for android on offer that you can choose from and download to your phone for free.

To get started, you can get a feel of Aldiko’s eBook reader on their website. Aldiko wins your attention on its first look with its very appealing and aesthetically designed interface. The Aldiko eBook reader provides three basic sections upfront – the Recent Reads which shows books you are currently reading, your Bookshelf which is the collection of all books you have on your mobile phone and the Download Books section wherein you can search catalogs and download books.

The Aldiko eBook Reader uses ePub format for ebooks which opens up a vast repository of books that you can find to download from a variety of sources like the “epub books” site or “feedbooks” site.

The Samsung Galaxy 3 phone that I use provides for a reasonably wide screen thus making the reading experience quite enjoyable. You don’t feel for a second that you are reading the book on your mobile, it seems like an eBook reader in your hand! Moreover, Aldiko is completely customizable and you can toggle between the day and night modes of reading, set brightness, fonts size, book orientation, etc. You can bookmark pages for reference and you also have an option for “dictionary” where you may search for word meanings – but I must warn you, it is no inbuilt dictionary as such but just takes you to Google and searches for the word’s meaning on Google – which is not a bad thing in any case!

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