Whatis USB C plug


The USB-C connector and its cables are designed to eliminate the proliferation of USB connectors and cables. Not only a-and B-plugs but also the many mini-and micro-connectors, as well as different variants for USB 2.0 and 3.0.

The C-connectorismadefor USB 2.0, 3.0 and also 3.1. The cablescanbeapplied at 5 V to 5 a. Withspecialcablesfor USB power delivery (USB-PD) a total power ofupto 100 W ispermissible at a highervoltage.

Toensurethatthe C-connectorissuitableformobiledevices, ithas a dimensionof 8.25 x 2.4 mm. The socket is 8.34 x 2.56 mm in size. This isroughlyequivalentto a USB 2.0 microportusedwithsmartphones. Toensurethatthecorrectorientationisnolonger a pain, the C-connector also fits in thereversepositionoftheplug.

A briefoverviewwiththemostimportantfeaturesofthe USB-C-connector:

The C-Plug isdesigned so thatitdoes not matter howitisinsertedintothe socket. Youcan’tputthe C-plug in thewrongway.

The C-connectorisused on bothsidesof a cable. This is also knownfromotherpluginconnections, such as HDMI, Display Port and RJ45.

The C-connectoris not compatiblewith all other USB connectors. However, thereareadaptersthatarecompatibleto USB 2.0 backwards.

The C-connectorisroughlythesizeof a micro USB connector (USB 2.0) and istherefore also suitableformobiledevices.

The C-connectorisdesignedfor 100 wattsof power. The cablesshouldbesuitableforloadingnotebookswith power delivery (USB-PD).

Alternate modes

The useoftheUSB Yype-Cconnectoris not limited to USB datatransfersonly. In future, the USB-C-connector will beusedas a plug-inconnection. Forexample, the Display Port or Thunderbolt 3.

Officially, otherorganizationsmayusetheavailablecontactsforalternatemode. This isonlybecausethe C-connectorhasmorepinsthanisnecessaryforthe USB datatransfer. The C-Connector has 2 differential lanes, whichareusuallyusedfor super speed and SuperSpeedPlusdatatransfer. Youcan also usebothfor a Display Port or a PCIe-x2 connection.

The standardizationpanel VESA would like tousethe C-connectorfortransmitting Display Port signals. Parallel operationof USB and Display Port or PCIe is also possible. However, theroutingofthe Display Port isonlyuseful in combinationwithintegratedgraphics. This meansthat USB with Thunderbolt isfunctionallyequal. Itis also conceivablethatthefreecoresareused via adaptersforanalogueaudiochannels.

Power supply via the USB-C cable

When a USB-C cableisplugged in, thedevicesinvolvedactas power supply and itsroles. The speedofthedataconnectionisthennegotiated. Here aretheusualmechanismsof USB 2.0 and 3.0. With USB 3.1, thereis just onespeedlevel.


Beforethe USB-C plugbecomes a uniform plug-inforany PC periphery, a fewmoreyears will pass. Untilthen, he will still have a lotofconfusion. Becauseonlybecausetheplugisthe same does not meanthateachcable also takesintoaccounteveryapplication.

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